Joon Park

by The Boys of PARK

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Joon Park, He's a...
He's one of those special people you only meet once in your life, you know?
The kind that radically change it for the better: the love of you life, your one sweet and cherished baby.
So we decided to write a song about him; you ready guys? (OH YEAH!)
Here we go!

Joon Park~
You're the only one for me, Park
I'm a be your everything, Park
You make me so crazy~

(Verse 1)
When I first met Joon we were kids at the park (the park)
We would play in the sandbox till it got dark (so dark)
I swear every day was like a dream to me (it's a dream)
How could I have known you were the one to be (you're my one)
We were at the same school in the same grade (third grade)
And your good looks struck me down like a blade (so deep)
But one day you said you were going away (away)
So I got on my knees and I begged you to stay, cause (oh)

(Verse 2)
Now don't go away please stay here Joon (…)
Why hurry? Why rush? Its way to soon (its too soon)
Stay by my side. I can't let you go (oh no)
I hope that our love will steadily grow (grow)
It's just one thing that will never change (it won't)
My feelings are as high as a mountain range (the rockies)
Who needs ladies when you're around (who does)
Anyone can see that your the talk of the town (popular)

(Verse 3)
It's a wonder when I think about the time that passed (the time)
When I was hurting deep, baby, you were my cast (my cast)
But now I want to be the one thats there for you (for you)
They can hate me, hit me, call me a fool (your fool)
And if I'm ever forced to have to leave your side (oh no)
Deep within you heart is where I'll always reside (reside)
You and I can do great things together (great things)
I hope that our love will be forever (FOREVER)


Joon Park...
You're a hero, a hero to us all


released May 19, 2010
Hosang Chun: Backup Vocals, Mixing and Mastering
Joshua Kim: Lyrics and Backup Vocals
Joseph Oak: Lyrics, MC, Backup Vocals, All Instruments and Design
Tony Chen: Photography



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The Boys of PARK Stony Brook, New York

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